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Why are custom wine bottles becoming more and more popular?

Why are custom wine bottles becoming more and more popular?

Drink the best wine in the world and make friends all over the world. Hello, everyone, I am a glass bottle manufacturer and a wine bottle customization editor.

Let me introduce first, what is custom-made liquor, which means that liquor companies start from quality and bottle customization according to the needs of customers, and create liquor with distinctive and strong personality attributes for customers.

It is a one-to-one high-quality service product.

Compared with ordinary wine, customized wine has a strong personal style and attributes, and has more individual attributes and commemorative significance.

From the perspective of customized content, there are key wine bottle customization outer packaging, key customization wine quality, or both.

Customers who have customized wine bottle packaging can enjoy personalized services such as personalized exclusive wine bottles, outer packaging, blessing language, lettering, and year. Customers who customize wine quality can enjoy personalized services such as unique wine recipes and vintage wines.

Whether it is wine customization, wine packaging, or wine bottle customization, there are some things in common.

1: The quantity is small. The custom-made wine is different from the wine circulating on the market. It is the wine that customers enjoy exclusively and generally cannot be bought. The number is also very limited. If the wine quality is also customized individually,

There are strict requirements on brewing raw materials and craftsmanship, including sophisticated brewing craftsmanship and high-quality service;

At the same time, due to the intervention of customers' personalized attributes, each bottle of customized wine is precious, and the customization of wine bottles is also a treasure.

2: Complexity. For customized wine quality, customers have strict requirements on wine quality and craftsmanship, all production processes are pursued at all costs, and the craftsmanship is tireless, complicated and fine.

For custom packaging for wine bottles, the design and modification are repeated until the customer is satisfied.

3: Privacy. Customized wine with individuality is only circulated in a small area, not a wide range of consumer goods, nor is it a dominant consumption mark.

4: Preservation and appreciation. For some types of liquor, the longer the wine is aged, the more fragrant, the higher the quality, and the higher the value. For example, Maotai-flavor liquor, the longer the storage time,

Its value is higher.

5: Artistic. Bottles and bottles are custom-packed, often with a strong personal touch. It is often customer-oriented, customizing the outer packaging of the wine bottle, integrating its own design ideas and concepts, with strong artistry. Bespoke wine is a luxury consumer product, but at the same time a precious work of art. There is a strong artistic message from the inside out.

6: Transmissibility. The customized outer packaging of the wine bottle customized for the enterprise, with the enterprise logo, can spread the brand deeper, wider and wider. With the dual communication of taste and vision, the memory of the brand is more lasting and more in line with the promotion of the enterprise brand.

7: Gift sex. Home-brewing has become synonymous with high-end gift wine due to its strong personalization and communication characteristics. As a gift to customers, the enterprise can better spread the enterprise. Along with the dissemination of corporate brands, fine wine has also become a good marketing tool.

The above introduces the advantages of custom wine and custom wine. Next, let’s analyze the bespoke wine segment.

There are a few reasons why,

With the continuous development of the wine industry and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's pursuit of material and spiritual culture is becoming more and more personalized. Coupled with the good face of the Chinese people, it provides customized glass bottle manufacturers for customized wine and wine bottles. a broad stage.

Since 2008, the social situation in China has undergone tremendous changes. With the exception of a few big-name wineries, most of them are breaking even.

There is demand in the market, so these wineries have launched customized services, giving birth to the market for customized wine and bottle customization.

Next why bespoke wine is becoming more and more popular.

1. Meet the current growing demand for personalized customization. Bottle customization, wine body and outer packaging can be customized and designed by yourself. Whenever we see the photos of newlyweds in love, we see the innocent smiling faces of children, and the smiling faces of wine bottles and birthday stars, a sense of pride, superiority, and happiness arise spontaneously in our hearts.

It meets the display needs of the company's self-image, products and services.

When we use customized wine as reception wine, we can fully demonstrate the strength of the enterprise itself and help the enterprise succeed.

The customized wine is given to the user as a gift, and the brand and image of the enterprise will be passed down with the wine fragrance forever, forming a reputation among customers and enhancing the brand reputation.

When we use customized wine as employee welfare wine, the company's care for employees will penetrate into the hearts and minds of employees like the fragrance of wine, which can enhance employees' sense of identity with the company, form cohesion, and help the company make greater progress.

When we use custom wine as a corporate celebration or commemorative wine, we feel proud and superior when we see custom wine from a business.

3: Meet the needs of successful people and business people's private collection. As private collections grew in size, people became dissatisfied with standard collections. You also need to customize some wines with your own name and personal imprint.

This is the real secret.

4: To meet the requirements of group gathering atmosphere, the friendship between classmates for the past ten years and twenty years is all reflected in a bottle of wine. When everyone drinks the same wine, they will recognize the feelings of classmates and comrades more, and a sense of superiority and pride will arise in their hearts, which will enhance the friendship between classmates and comrades in arms.

All in all, the production of self-brewing is both accidental and inevitable, and it is the product of social development to a certain stage to meet people's growing material and cultural needs. Its appearance plays an indispensable role in promoting people's feelings and the development of enterprises.

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