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​ What are the precautions when using glass wine bottle custom molds?

What are the precautions when using glass wine bottle custom molds?

The importance, non-standard production processes or other external factors in the production of glass wine bottles in Shandong glass wine bottle manufacturers may lead to defects in glass wine bottles. One of the common defects is that the surface of glass wine bottles is not smooth. So, what are the main reasons why glass wine bottles are not clean?

1. When the glass blank falls into the initial mold, it cannot enter the initial mold correctly, resulting in creases due to excessive friction with the mold wall. After blow molding, the crease expands to form a crease on the body of the glass wine bottle.

2. The cut mark of the feeder is too large, after forming a single bottle, the cut mark will appear on the bottle.

3. The quality of the glass wine bottle mold and the mold material is poor, the density is not enough, the oxidation speed is too fast after high temperature, and small pits are formed on the surface of the mold, resulting in mold on the surface.

4. The quality of glass wine bottle mold oil is not high, which will lead to insufficient lubrication, rapid changes in falling speed and material type.

5. The design of the prototype mold of the glass wine bottle is unreasonable, and the size of the mold cavity is different. After falling into the mold, the material was blown away and dispersed unevenly, resulting in speckles on the glass wine bottle.

6. The uneven dripping speed of the machine and the improper adjustment of the air nozzle will cause the temperature of the glass bottle to be uncoordinated, and it is easy to produce cold spots on the glass bottle, which directly affects the smoothness.

7. The unclean liquid in the glass wine bottle or the uneven temperature of the material in the kiln will also produce bubbles, small particles and small hemp chips.

8. If the assembly line equipment runs too fast or too slow, the glass bottle body will become uneven, resulting in thickness variation and confusion. Shandong Jingtuo Glass Products Co., Ltd. is Shandong glass bottle factory, bottle customization, glass bottle, glass bottle manufacturer, Yuncheng glass bottle, glass bottle manufacturer, glass bottle customization, foreign wine bottle, wine bottle manufacturer