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What should be paid attention to in wine bottle customization?

What should be paid attention to in wine bottle customization?

Wine bottle customization needs to pay attention to two points:

1. Ask for clarity

Wine bottle customization can be customized one or more times, but if the amount of customization is small, basically no glass bottle manufacturer is willing to help with production, then you need to go online and contact the seller, clearly express your needs, and design the wine bottle so that Sellers can understand that, on the point you are talking about, this will allow you to design the closest glass bottle to you.

2. Special mark

When customizing the wine bottle, many people ask to engrave their own name or meaningful text, and also ask to print some unique patterns on the glass bottle. Doing so needs to be clearly explained in advance, so as to avoid the seller adding it again after making it, which will be very troublesome.

In order to avoid many unsatisfactory details after a successful bottle customization, be prepared from the start on what is required and the design. Not only does it disapprove of the results produced by the merchants, but it also makes itself unhappy.

The above is the relevant introduction of glass bottle manufacturers for wine bottle customization. In fact, these are very simple. As long as you understand a little bit, it is easy to realize wine bottle customization!

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