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What should I pay attention to when buying glass wine bottles?

What should I pay attention to when buying glass wine bottles?

When customers buy glass wine bottles, the first thing to consider is the sealing performance of the bottle body and lid. The cover pad is between the lid of the wine bottle and the glass wine bottle, which mainly plays a sealing role. The glass wine bottles are divided into white, crystal white, crystal white and milky white bottles and colorful wine bottles. Which kind of wine should be used, such as Maotai Use milk white wine bottles and clear glass wine bottles for white wine. Beer comes in colorful bottles.

Glass wine bottle quality standard. Manufacturers can analyze and judge the pros and cons of products according to the quality standards of the products, and the quality assurance system. Auditing of suppliers has become an essential part of the acquisition of glass wine bottles. After the audit, a comprehensive and correct assessment of the production plant's software and hardware equipment, technical equipment, and quality induction level can be made.

Uneven thickness of the glass bottle refers to the uneven distribution of the glass on the glass bottle. The first is that the temperature of the glass gob is not uniform. Some of the glass gobs have low viscosity and are easy to blow thin; The mold temperature is not uniform, the glass cools slowly at the temperature, and the blowing is simple, and at low temperature, the glass cools quickly and blows thick.

In order to prevent the occurrence of such defects, it is necessary to strictly abide by the principles of raw materials and melting, adjust the melting temperature, change the variety and amount of cleaning agents, appropriately change the glass composition, and reduce the viscosity and surface tension of the melt.

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