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Talk about the application of glass wine bottles in industry.

Talk about the application of glass wine bottles in industry.

The development of glass bottles in the industry is in full swing. Glass bottle manufacturers are close to the form of group consumption, which constitutes a range of consumption capabilities. The market demand faced by more than ten groups of double-drop bottle making machine consumption lines controlled by electronic timing can take advantage of the advantages of glass bottle manufacturers: reduce The cost of the product brings benefits to consumers.

Plastic fresh milk bottles account for about 20% of product consumption costs, while glass bottles are extremely cheap to recycle. Most of the bottles used in the past were plastic materials, and it is an economical way to replace them with glass bottles. While saving resources and reducing pollution, it can also protect the environment.

Single-use plastic bottles cause a lot of white pollution and have a certain impact on the environment. Glass bottles are different and can be recycled from time to time as long as they don't. It is an environmentally friendly milk container tool. Usually, the application range of glass products is gradually expanded and exposed to all walks of life.

As a supporting packaging bottle for food and beverage, pharmaceutical chemistry, culture, education and scientific research and other industries and departments, it has a large range and a wide range of dosage, and is an indispensable packaging container. However, there is a big gap between China and the international per capita consumption of packaging bottles. Even if the total production reached 14.46 million tons in 2014, they still have a certain gap with the international consumption level. Therefore, bottle glass products have great development prospects, followed by the development of the daily glass bottle machinery industry.