Shandong Jingtuo Glass Products Co., Ltd. is a Shandong wine bottle factory specializing in the production of wine bottles, glass wine bottles, wine bottle customization, and glass bottle manufacturers. I plant and develop, design. Manufactured in one. The products produced include liquor bottles, colored wine bottles and various types of liquor glass bottles. In recent years, our company has continuously introduced and learned advanced production equipment and experience, and actively expanded the production scale and quantity while continuously improving the quality of wine bottles. Now our factory has a set of production equipment for welding, sealing, annealing, roasting flowers and so on. It can guarantee the mass production and manufacture of Shandong liquor bottles. At the same time, our factory also has a professional and technical team with technical skills and rigorous work. All kinds of medium glass sold are of good quality, low price, wide variety and beautiful appearance, which are favored by the market. With the continuous improvement of market competitiveness, Shandong Jingtuo Glass Products Co., Ltd. has produced many glass bottle products that have passed the national material inspection with perfect testing methods, scientific management methods and strict quality requirements.